What is this?

WantU.co is your global personal wishlist. It provides a single place for all your desired items from lots of different online stores.

To start you can just type into the text entry area at the front of the site and click on the Add Item button. If you type in a URL or paste one into the same area, the site will grab the details from the page and display a title, description and product image. You can enter notes to go with the item so that anyone else who wants to buy the item knows what sizes or colours you want.

You'll need to get a link to your wishlist to start with. You can get a quick link to your list by clicking the Get Link button at the top of the page. A temporary link will last for 14 days on the site, and the link can be sent to friends or relatives via email or social media. Entering an email address will send a confirmation email so that the list will become a permanent addition to the site. You can login to the site at a later date and keep adding to it as you find items.

Finding someone's wishlist

If you think someone you know may have a wishlist on WantU.co you can search for their email address specifically, or you can add their email address to the end of the WantU.co address. So if their email address was fred@blogs.com then their link would be http://wantu.co/fred@blogs.com